Make Nine 2021

Last year I didn't commit to any make nine plans which was probably a good thing looking at how the year turned out! But, back in »

SC Design Team - Project 8

Hi all, I'm back again with another blog post but wait for it... this one doesn't involve sewing! I know! Shocked faces all around! But Sam »

SC Design Team - Project 7

For this months theme of 'knitwear' I chose this lovely leopard print ponte because, ya know, I'd live in leopard print if I could! It's beautifully »

Me Made May 2020

We've come to the end of another Me Made May and I was in two minds about writing a blog post about it this year but »

Lockdown Crafts - Part 1

I don't know about you but since we've been on lockdown I've been feeling very crafty! I think all the extra makes flooding my Instagram stream »

Roo Art Pouch

Anyone else addicted to quick and easy little projects like me? You know, the tote bags or zip up make-up bags or pencil cases... those kinds »