2018 Christmas Gifts

I'm a bit late at getting this post out, but December seemed quite mad in the end, and of course I wanted everyone to have their presents before I pressed the publish button! But I've finally found some time to sit down and write.

This year I made something for my dad, husband, sister and a few special ladies! So lets start with them...

I bought a couple of fat quarter packs in the Aldi special buys earlier on in the year. I like their packs as they come with six different fat quarters, and since I needed two for my plans to make tote bags it meant I could get three out of each pack.

I always have a 'bag-in-a-bag' in my handbag and since the free plastic bags have disappeared this is a great eco option! This was a self drafted pattern as I had to make the bags and their containers out of the two fat quarters. A bit of maths and some sketching were involved but I managed to make it work! No fabric waste here! And the little clasp is a nice touch, I think!

I had originally planned to make my sister the Digital Pattern Library belted sweater that I was raving about before Christmas but at the last moment she commented on my photo of the Peppermint Magazine Slouchy cardi so I made her that out of a purple (her favourite colour - I checked!) ponte roma. I'm still not sure about that banding around the front bottom edge...
She was a bit tipsy on Christmas Day and having too much fun to get a photo of her in it so you'll have to make do with this one of Roxy!

Then in a last minute frenzy I made the Thread Theory Finlayson sweater for my dad and husband. I decided on the non hoodie version for both of them and since I was having trouble getting hold of the right fabric in the quantity that I needed I decided on the same fabric for both! This is a loop back sweatshirting from Barrys in a light grey and it's really nice to work with and not too heavy.

I really liked the option of doing a decorative piece on the inside back which, of course, meant I added a little personal touch! Had to be leopard print, didn't it?!!

Here's the hubby in his - soz about the photo. I really like the fit but the sleeves could be an inch longer (I did cut them shorter than the pattern to begin with) but otherwise I think he looks very smart!

And finally, my dad! This was taken 30 seconds after he unwrapped it!

So there you go... 2018 all wrapped up!!! Soz, pun totally intended!!!