2018 Make Nine Review

Wowzers I'm late at getting this blog out! I must have thought I pressed send!!! So...last year I put out my make nine plans for the first time and, I must say, I'm reasonably happy with the results! I made 7 out of 9 but swapped two out. Of course, I made so much more! But they just weren't on the list or were patterns I discovered throughout the year.

My original plans were...

  1. Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs
  2. New Look top
  3. Cotton & Chalk Zara dress
  4. New Look 6217 - the trousers
  5. Sew Over It Ella top
  6. New Look coat
  7. Simply Sewing Adele dress
  8. New Look dress
  9. Sew House Seven Toaster sweater

In the end the only two I didn't manage were the New Look trousers which I swapped out for Closet Case Morgan Jeans but didn't even manage to get around to them... and the New Look top. I decided to swap the Zara dress for the Named Kielo since they are both summery maxi dresses.

I'm mostly happy with my makes from the year. I'm half way through making my second pair of Burnside Bibs, they just need hemming. I think number 8, the New Look dress could be better and I'd like to try a different version of this without the crossover top. I made two toasters and really like this pattern - so easy and wearable. The New Look coat was a summer version which is fine but could be better, but I think my issues with this are down to fabric choice. And while I really want to make trousers I just couldn't pluck up the courage! I hope to enjoy the process of making jeans if I take my time and do it properly! But I know I'm a lazy sewer, so we'll see! Either way I'm looking forward to starting, when I can find the courage!