Bonding Squares for Embrace

I've recently been struggling to find the enthusiasm to sew. My brain WANTS to sew but my body can't be bothered! And I'm so overwhelmed by all the projects I could do that I just can't seem to focus on one. So... when someone shared a post on Instagram by @embrace_esh requesting sewists to make bonding squares for premature babies in a neonatal ward I thought this was a great opportunity to do some sewing while not having to decide what to make!

Bonding squares are 20cm squares of cotton which come in pairs - one is given to the baby to sleep on and the other to the mum to wear against her skin. Every 12 hours they swap over. This helps the baby to recognise the mum and aid with bonding. Neither of my two were ever in special care when they were born but this was something that spoke to me as a mother and I knew I could easily help.

Last year my mum had a clear out and gave me a large length of cotton which she bought when I was a baby! It's covered in brightly coloured Disney characters and I thought it would be the perfect fabric for the job.

I washed the fabric before I started since it had been in a cupboard for many years, attempted to iron it (my iron is a bit rubbish) then I set to cutting out the squares. I got 5 out of the width of the fabric. I started by making my first 10 and they came together so quickly that I made another 10.

I used some of the decorative stitches on my machine to do some interesting topstitching, picking out some of the bright colours from the fabric.

I think they look fantastic and I really hope they are destined to help some poorly babies.