Special Christmas presents 2016

I quite enjoy making things to give to people as birthday or Christmas presents. But I'm afraid I only give to those I know will appreciate the effort I've put it!
Last year I decided that I wanted to make my husband and son matching shirts - because I'm cruel like that!!! I searched for a suitable pattern and knew that you could purchase 'parent & child' patterns as I'd seem a couple of 'mother & daughter' ones. I found this Simplicity 4760 on Amazon so decided on that using view A with short sleeves for both of them.

I took a trip to Barrys specifically get the fabric for the job. This was quite a challenge as my son would probably wear anything while hubby is a tad more conservative! It took a lot of hunting but as soon as I found this lobster print in navy I knew it was 'the one'!

Since it was a gift I couldn't sew in the evenings as hubby was around or after school since the boy was around. So I had to cram in as much as I could in the day time, usually when the babe was napping. This gave me a couple of hours to play with, possibly more if she got hooked on Paw Patrol!

It took me a good couple of weeks of solid sewing and I finally had them finished. I'm really happy with them apart from the inside neckline. I think there was something wrong with the instructions as I just couldn't figure it out, however, since doing another collar more recently I think I've sussed it out. So just don't look at that bit (which is inside anyway) and it all looks fab!

Oh, and hubby's really is too big despite me cutting the small size! If I made it again I could happily cut a good couple of inches off each side. He has worn it tho, and got compliments too! I'll update this post with a photo of him when I can get him to pose for it!