Cosy Cardi Challenge 2018

Since Me Made May I've known that separates and staples are much needed in my me made wardrobe so a cardi had to be up there on my immediate list. I got a hold of the Helens Closet Blackwood Cardi and decided this was up next, and since my timing coincided with the Instagram Cosy Cardi Challenge run by @thestitchsisters and @amanda_isewalot I couldn't resist!

I got 2m of this knit fabric from Lichfield Market for £3.99 p/m and although it doesn't have the 40% stretch that the pattern suggests I decided to give it a go. I love the colours in this!

This is a really quick and satisfying make! The faffy bits - the pockets - are out of the way first. I didn't make any effort to pattern match throughout the cutting out of the pattern but I did make sure the pockets, which are made out of two pieces, were the same. Before they're attached to the cardi front they look a bit stretched out...

...but they look fine when they're on!

I made sure the pattern was centred down the back and if you look close at the bottom band you can see some accidental near pattern matching!

I had to chop a lot off the length of the sleeves but that is nothing unusual.

Overall I really love this and want to make more in slightly stretchier fabrics! This isn't a cosy, wrap around type of cardi but more of a smart jacket but in a different fabric it could look much more casual.