The Babes Room - decorating and special makes

Back in May we decorated the babes room since she had decided the wallpaper needed removing and pulled it off herself! We very simply stripped the walls, filled some holes and painted them white. We replaced the curtains with some pretty flowery ones that she could grow up with and kept the accents in the room which we already had including the wall boxes and bunting.

But once the room was finished I was itching to make some things to compliment the new colours. The first thing I made was a blanket for her bed. This will be fantastic for the winter although it may be a bit large for her cot bed. The full post for this is here.

Then, since I had some wool left over, I made a cushion using a pattern I found on the Attic 24 website. I've made this before for my niece and was pleased how it came out, so I thought it would be lovely for this soft wool. The reverse was just circles of wool I needed to use up, and I like these colours together.
I made the inside from some plain lining material I had in my stash then dismantled an old cushion to use the stuffing (my son was NOT happy about this and cried twice!). The two front and back pieces were then crocheted together around the filler. The photo doesn't do it justice!

I also made a mandala wall hanging. I've never made anything like this before and it took a few attempts to get a suitable pattern for the size hoop. The pattern came from my granny square book.
I actually wanted to do feathers for the tails but couldn't find a pattern so I went with buttons and leaves instead! I'm happy with this but would do things differently if I wanted to make one again.

As well as the three things I've made her there are some other really lovely hand made items in her room:

My mum made her this wall hanging when she was born. She loves naming the animals at bedtime!

This knitted mouse was made by one of my volunteers at work. Another volunteer made her a beautiful doll. People are so kind.