DPL Belted Sweater

I think I must have spotted this pattern on Instagram (it's where I get all my inspo!) and fell in love with it immediately! I just love the shape. It's such a simple idea but is so effective. It is made by the Digital Pattern Company and is so far their only released pattern (but more are to come imminently and I can't wait!). It was only just released a month or so ago and there aren't many photos of other peoples makes, only those who pattern tested, but they were all gorgeous makes and I just couldn't stop thinking about it!

So on Sunday I decided to download the pattern and print it out. Because it's a PDF I needed to trim the pages and glue them together which I did on Monday, then a friend suggested a trip to Birmingham rag market on Tuesday morning which, of course, I jumped at! It was there that I bought some drapey ponte roma for £3pm. The chap had lots of colour options but I went with this gorgeous deep red to go with my Morgan jeans when I eventually make them! Maybe this will spur me on!

By Tuesday evening my top was complete and I'm wearing it as I type! This was so quick to put together and definitely suitable for a beginner. I had a moment of confusion at the neck band but that's only because I assumed it was facing to go inside and was convinced the instructions were wrong! But then I compared them to the neckline and looked at the pictures and finally the penny dropped!

I love the poofy sleeves and the wide, long belt. I love that it's so comfy yet stylish. And now I want one in every colour and pattern! I'm not sure what else I can say except that this top has made me a very, VERY happy lady!
Here's a couple of posy photos!