Dressmaker of the Year Competition 2018

Well... today I did it! I entered the Dressmaker of the Year competition run by Make It Today magazine and sponsored by Simplicity.

Let me first say, I am under no illusions AT ALL that I will win or get even close to being shortlisted, but it's the taking part that counts, right?! Oh, and the two free patterns you get for even entering! ;-)

They have six categories to enter - Simplicity, Everyday, Occasion, Upcycling, Vintage and Children's Wear. I entered two makes into the Everyday and Upcycling categories.

First, I went for one of my latest makes, the Burnside Bib by Sew House Seven. I am totally in love with this pattern and think it might be my best make ever!

I had to enter photos taken on a white background and in my house the closest we were gonna get to that was a door. So I put the clothes on Roxy for the purpose of this competition. And because it's black it isn't the easiest garment to photograph.

I entered three photos of this because the light wasn't great and I wanted to show that I'd put pockets on the front and back and to also show how the back waist gathering looked.

I have another post dedicated to this make almost ready to go up but I wanted a couple of photos taken of me wearing this before I post.

The second make was the New Look 6442 which I entered into the Upcycling category as the fabric was originally a maxi dress bought for £1 from a charity shop. I love the colours and pattern of this fabric!

For some reason I couldn't find the photo of the original dress (or maybe I didn't take a photo) so I added an extra photo of another dress I made from another maxi dress which also included an attempt at pattern matching!

But the green one is my favourite as I kept the original gathered hem from the dress and incorporated it into the skirt.

So that's that! Again, I don't expect to hear from them ever again but we'll see...
Happy Snow Day sewing, peeps!