Fathers Day 2018

This year I decided to make a shirt for my dad for Fathers Day as he hadn't received anything handmade while many other family members had. I've made shirts before and thought it would be simple enough. I bought the pattern and traced his size based on measurements I'd sneakily taken from a shirt he wore when visiting us for the weekend one time! I think the fabric was a cotton poplin about £4 pm from Lichfield market.

I went with a short sleeve version with a single breast pocket.

Now then... I finished the shirt and was finishing off the button holes before sewing on the buttons and slipped through the end of the hole with my seam ripper. This was on the collar stand as well and I couldn't do anything to save it so I had to unpick the whole thing from the shirt and the collar from the collar stand and make a new one. And this was about 24 hours before they were due to visit! Cue lots of swearing at my machine...

But in the end it all came together and I think it looks great. Especially with the little label!

Just look at the handsome chappy! And what a good fit!!!