Handmade Christmas Gifts 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Roll on 2018!

This post has been in the making since the beginning of October! But it has had to be left until now because I obviously couldn't go live with this post until everyone opened their presents!

I love making things to give to people, it feels more special than buying something and I like the thought that I've put extra effort into things for those special people in my life.

I was at the sewing machine back in the summer months making some of these items and theres no better feeling than being prepared and having something ticked off the list! Especially when you love a good list as much as I do! And especially when it's planning for Christmas!

One of the first items I decided to make was a jewellery roll for a lot of the ladies in my life! I made one for the sister-in-law for her birthday and I loved the process so much I made one for me to take on holiday then cut out many, MANY more for other people! In the end I think I made 12 and most of them different. I enjoyed putting different fabrics and patterns together and playing with colour combinations. I got a lot better at my bias binding techniques by the end too!

I just love this colour combo. Needed an iron before the photo, but never mind! And just look at that bias binding!

And this might be my favourite - the sewing bee fabric is just gorgeous! And this one went to a fellow sewist!

Last year I made a scarf with some wool from Aldi and it came out so well I went back to get some more with the idea of presents in mind. One of the colours I bought was cream and I knew this would be perfect for my sister so I made the same scarf with the same pattern. So quick and easy to make and really effective. And I love the tassles on the ends!

I decided that my sister also needed a Sew Me Something Julia Pocket top and made one in plain navy jersey - not that you can tell from this photo. Another easy but effective pattern and I thought it would look nice with the scarf! I think she likes it as she was spotted in it on Christmas Day!

This was a scarf for a friend. I loved the colours and thought they would suit her. And I love this pattern - something I've made before for my mum - so quick and easy but really effective.

And I think that was all for this year. I already have something in mind for next Christmas so I best get making!