Happy Birthday Sew Addicted!

Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday Sew Addicted...
Happy birthday to me!

Yeay, my little blog with a readership of 2 is one year old!!!!

OK, maybe not quite 2 but I'm still small fry compared to some other bloggers, but I have really enjoyed recording my makes over the last year and I love looking back at what I made and seeing how my style has evolved and my sewing has improved (or not on some occasions!). In the last year I've also discovered loads of sewing vlogs and love being inspired by other sewists projects and plans; they can be a great source of hints and tips.

In an attempt to decipher the analytics for my site I see that visitors have mainly come from the UK and America, although a couple have come from Brazil and Azerbaijan - get me! My most popular post is the Dressmaker of the Year page closely followed by The Sew Over It Ella blouse. I see that 66.7% of users access my site by a desktop device and do so on a Saturday at 1pm!

I find this all fascinating!!!

But looking at my own activities I have done some calculations (and if I could include a pie chart here I so would, because who doesn't love a good graph?!?!)...

Total makes (including wooly makes): 44

Skirts: 1 (actually culottes)
Tops: 6
Trousers: 1 (actually dungarees!)
Dresses: 10 (inc. a nightie)
Kids: 4 (including a fancy dress costume for school)
Gifts: 12 jewellery rolls and a top
Other: 2 (my crochet roll and a bean bag!)

Wool makes: 7 (which include gifts, things for me and decorations for the babes room)

Looking at this I think there's a bit of an imbalance... how on earth did I make 10 dresses and only 1 skirt which was actually culottes and a massive fail??!!??

I blummin' love sewing and crafting in general. I think I will always be amazed how a sheet of fabric can be turned into something wearable! And it will never cease to amaze me how much fabric it takes to make even the smallest of items!!!

I currently have 10 items in my 'work in progress' pile and 5 more to make of my 'Make Nine' for 2018. So I best get on!

Laters peeps... I'm off to eat cake to celebrate!