I have a problem...

Anyone who knows me or has talked to me about sewing will know that I love colour and pattern! I gravitate towards bright colours. I rarely wear black. I do have it in my wardrobe because it is an easy colour to pair things with but it makes me feel a bit miserable when I wear it.
When I first joined Pinterest this was one of my first pins! COLOUR!!! AND STRIPES!!!!!!!!

Years ago I bought a dress from H&M which I called my 'carpet dress' because the colours and pattern reminded me of a 70's carpet. I love that dress. And since then I've bought many more carpet dresses!

You should see my wardrobe! It's a total mish-mash of colour and pattern. Nothing matches! And since I've been buying fabric to make my own clothes I still go for what's bright and bold - take my geometric Bettine dress, for example, or my 'stained glass' jumpsuit!

But therein lies the problem. Every morning I stand in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear for, oh, a good 5 minutes! Having a small child means nothing stays clean for very long and my usual go-to outfits always seem to be in the wash.

I read blogs about creating a 'capsule wardrobe' which means making/buying items which coordinate but some part of me feels this is a boring way to live, however easy it would make life! But is there a compromise? Can I produce a wardrobe in which, say, 50% of the pieces coordinate while also continuing to put colour and pattern into it? I'm sure that must be possible... right?

So... I think it's time to make a change. I need to buy some more neutral and plain tones. It makes me sad to say that but it will give me more options, I think. And maybe 'neutral and plain' doesn't need to be boring. So maybe this year I will temporarily change my purchasing attitudes. Maybe...

But since this is my current fabric stash, I'm not sure that's possible!!!

So maybe next year... ;-)