I need to start challenging myself...

One of the items of clothing I've never made is a pair of trousers. For some reason they scare me. I can barely get a skirt to fit so what makes me think I'm gonna get a pair of trousers to look anywhere near decent??!! When it comes to making clothes, there are particular items that I know I'm not going to bother with - swimwear, gym clothes and underwear for starters. But trousers seem like an important wardrobe staple; something not to avoid.

This situation reminds me of something my 'other man' once said...

The thing is, I can't keep being scared of it. It's just fabric - 'course that's what I said before making the 'Curtain Culottes' and look how they turned out! I need to "experiment", to give it a go and challenge myself. I'm not sure a couple of years ago I'd ever think I'd get this far in my dressmaking so taking the leap into a pair of trousers shouldn't be that difficult. I've given collars a go, I've worked with knits... so what's stopping me?

The question is, do I got for a simple pair with a side zip and no pockets or something a bit more detailed??? I think the answer might lie in the quality of the instructions, if they are good the outcome will be better. I think attempting something simpler but taking the time to really concentrate on the fit and get that right might be the key.

My stash of patterns has a few options to choose from but they all seem quite similar... maybe this is a sign!

I think this year I will have to try one of these. I need to suck it up and be brave!

Keep an eye out for a post dedicated to trouser making... and the panic it induces!