I'll try anything once....

I've always been 'arty', in fact I did a fine art printmaking degree which led to a masters in Gallery Studies, but I've also had a go at many types of crafts over the years. Knitting, crochet, sewing, pyrography, painting, jewellery making, felt making, cross stitch, patchwork, paper crafts, card making... you name it, I'll try anything once! Some I know I'm not good at, knitting for example, I just can't get the hang of it. Crochet, however, I blummin' LOVE it! And for a time there, I couldn't sit down of an evening without hook in hand! Card making was a big hit for a while but since having the babe I've found that there just isn't enough table space in our house for all card making supplies to be out as well as four people having dinner.

I still have my few jewellery making bits and, just the other night, got the box out to have a go at redesigning a chunky bead necklace after being inspired seeing an instragram post.

I really enjoy felt making. I was introduced to this a few years ago by a friend and love how tactile it is, feeling the soft wool get stronger in your hands after a bit of manipulation (ooh err!).

Sewing has increasingly become my 'go to' craft of late as the sewing machine can be popped on the floor and the dining table easily cleared. I'm still amazed how I'm able to turn a flat piece of fabric into a wearable garment in only a few hours (I'm trying to get quicker!).

A few of these crafts I hope to keep up and, hopefully, improve at. Others I know won't be visiting again but ultimately I'm happy that I've tried them.