Julia Pocket Top Hack

So far I have made three Julia tops for myself but this if the first time I've changed the pattern in any way. And it might be my first hack??? Is it??? I'm not sure...

Anyway, the story begins a few weeks ago when I thought I'd have a look at some fabrics online and logged on to the Minerva Crafts website. I immediately saw something that would be perfect for a Christmas party outfit I want to make, so then I started looking for a couple of other bits to make the delivery worth while. I have a dress pattern that uses jersey and I thought a nice animal print would be good so I searched for something suitable. I found a blue print and ordered that along with the party dress fabric and something for a gift (which will remain top secret until after Christmas, I'm afraid!). The order arrived three days later and the party dress fabric and secret fabric were fine, but this animal print... oh...my...word... it was not what I was expecting!
The fabric had small slashes all over it and was see through in these places! I would never have bought this if I had seen it in a shop but since it was only £2.99 per metre I decided it would be more trouble that it was worth to return it and, to be fair to the website, the description was clear, I just didn't read it properly. The problem was it was not suitable for the pattern I originally had in mind, so I started to think what else I could make.
A few weeks ago I saw an Instagram post of the creator of the Sew Me Something Julia Pocket Top wearing a dress version of the pattern and I knew I had to make one! The tops are so comfy that a dress, paired with leggings, would be the dream lounging about outfit! And I thought that with a couple of amendments I would be able to get a dress out of the 2m of fabric.

The front and back pieces of the pattern are basically the same except for the neckline and the fact that the front piece has built in pockets. I decided that pockets wouldn't be great with this fabric considering all the holes so I only used the back piece.
I folded the fabric twice so I could cut out the front and back at the same time using the one back pattern piece. Then I took one of the fabric pieces and cut a lower front neckline. I also extended the length by a good 12 inches and took the sides in by an inch which, in total, would have taken 4 inches off the width of the dress.

I decided to mix it up bit and use some navy jersey I had in my stash for the neckline and cuffs. I didn't think the slashed fabric would make a great neckline considering all the holes. I'm glad I did this, I think the solid colour gives it an extra dimension.

Hemming is always the last - and my least favourite job - on a garment and with this I decided that a high-low hem would be a bit more interesting. So I pinched the side seams together and lay it on the floor to cut it out. The front comes to just above my knee and the back is a few inches longer. I turned the hem under once and sewed it in place with the plan of repeating but I decided to leave it as is. And here is the finished dress!

This fabric is so soft and very comfy to wear and I think, although I wouldn't have chosen this type of fabric in a shop, it's growing on me! This pattern is so quick and easy to construct which means it's such a satisfying make. I see more of these in my future!

Considering this was my first attempt at online fabric shopping it didn't go too far awry! I will make sure I read the full description of the fabric next time and not rely on a quick scan and the (slightly unclear) photo.

Sorry I didn't take any photos during production, I just got carried away! And thanks to my son for taking the finished photos again! I really must learn how to pose, I look so awkward!

Until next time x