Lockdown Crafts - Part 1

I don't know about you but since we've been on lockdown I've been feeling very crafty! I think all the extra makes flooding my Instagram stream has inspired me... or maybe my sewjo has been working overtime! Well I decided to sit down and make a list of all the projects, mini or otherwise, that I've completed since the kids finished school back in March. Some of these I've done with them and some I've done for them, but most have been for me because this is my way of avoiding the news and getting through these very strange times.

I've listed these makes in the rough order in which they were made... so here goes!

Stitchsperation Cross Stitch

This was gifted to me for a review right at the start of the lockdown period and you can see my whole blog post about it here. It didn't take me long and I love the Carpe Diem motto and, when we're able to get out and about again, I'll be framing it for my bedroom.

Scrubs Bags

Some other ladies in my choir Whatsapp group were arranging for groups of sewists to make scrubs bags for the nurses at Birmingham Womens Hospital. I did these in two batches, the first out of a table cloth and the second out of a brushed cotton bed set. In total I made 17 and then moved on to a bigger project...(teaser! More about this in the next blog post!)

Peplum Top

This is a free pattern from Peppermint Magazine and I'm not normally a sleeveless or ruffle kinda girl, but I saw a version on someone and loved it so decided to give it a go. The patterns is very easy to make up and I got it out of 80cm of fabric from Loubodu Fabrics remnant sale for £2... bargain! Blummin' love the colours!

Mask for me

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw Mimi G had created a pattern and a linked Youtube video for a face mask. I thought I'd give it a go for a bit of fun! This is now what I wear to the shops since the government has recommended that we wear them while out. I'm sure I'm smiling under there!

LAD knitted crown

Lauren Ashton Designs creates chunky knitted patterns for jumpers, cardigans and accessories. I bought her Cropped Cable Jumper after Christmas (more on that in the next blog post!) and during lockdown she offered this pattern for free. I had some left over chunky wool so I made this for the babe... doesn't she look cute! She almost slept in it that night!

Cross stitch bookmarks

I have no idea how I got the idea to make these, something must have inspired me! I remember making them one day whilst sat at the table watching the babe do her maths on the computer. I made one to go in an envelope for my mum and the other went to my new penpal (something set up by @roodlesrunique). I think I was just trying to stop myself from getting bored!

Handmade Easter Cards

At the beginning of the Easter holidays the kids and I sat at the table one afternoon making cards to send to people. I probably sent out a few more than I usually do but this was just a nice way of keeping in touch with people. I won't lie, I struggled to get inspired but a quick mooch on Pinterest and I had some starting points.

Quilted Squares

When not tied to my house I go to a sewing group on a Thursday morning. At this group a few of us are working on panels for a boys and girls quilt for a children’s hospice. I had brought some pieces home to finish one off so I thought I could copy the pattern pieces and make some more with my own scraps of fabric. I ended up making at least 8! I find these quite relaxing and simple to make, a great project for sitting in the evening in front of the telly!

Honeycomb Shirt

For some reason I came across this pattern one day and decided I'd love to make it! It's the Cocowawa Crafts Honeycomb dress and shirt. I need to write a blog post because there are lots of things wrong with the fit of this make but it hasn't stopped me from wanting to try it again! I love the pattern and will happily wear this blouse! The fabric was a remnant from Loubodu Fabrics and I LOVE IT!!!!

Mandy Boat Tee

I bought this beautiful rainbow striped fabric from Loubodu Fabrics with the intention of making something matching for me and my girl - yes, I am that mum! I had a hard time deciding what to make tho - Mandy, Elliot, Plaintain - but in the end I went with the Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti Fabrics. I've made a few Mandys and I like the shape and fit, and I knew that I would wear it. I took an inch or so off each side but otherwise used the standard pattern (which was the one size fits all version). I worked really hard on my stripe matching and the inside was treated to a 'Sew Addicted' label by Crafty Pinup!


For some reason I decided our garden needed some bunting to brighten it up! We'd been having some lovely weather over Easter and the kids were spending a lot of afternoons in the garden. We'd also been painting the fence panels so I thought it would all come together nicely. I bought a fat quarter pack from Aldi and made my own template. I was going to sew two triangles together turn them out and attach to bias binding but I decided to just cut out the triangles with pinking shears and leave them single sided - it was much quicker! I got 6m of the emerald binding from Samantha Claridge Studio and have tied each end of the lengths to a tack in the fence.

Crochet Rainbows

I saw Sew Dainty post a link to the original crochet pattern by Bine of @haekelliebe.by.bine and I thought they'd be a lovely quick and easy project and another rainbow to add to the window! They took about 20 minutes each and I made one for me (so to speak) and then the babe asked for one so she got a pink one for her bedroom window. They're cute!

That's it for now, I have another list for the second post and, who knows, if this lockdown goes on much longer there may be a part 3! Remember... stay home!