Magic eye dress - aka Simplicity 1064

Firstly, I should explain that as I was cutting out the pattern I said to hubby "I blummin' love this fabric", to which he responded "it's like one of those magic eye pictures" hence the name! It also helps that I used to LOVE magic eye pictures!

Ok, so... I bought this pattern very recently in the Simplicity websites 50% off sale (with free delivery too!!!). Once I got it I wondered if it was really 'me' but thought I'd give it a go anyway.

I already had the fabric from a visit to Guthrie Ghani bought with some birthday money. It's a lovely soft viscose at £8.50 pm, quite expensive for me! But the colours are gorgeous and the pattern is fantastic! You can just about pick out flecks of pink, lime green and violet amongst the beautiful blues... so scrummy!

To make the long dress (as opposed to the tunic version) with long sleeves the pattern says it needs 3m of 45" wide fabric. I only had 2m so I fiddled around A LOT with the pattern layouts. To begin with I thought I was going to have trouble getting the main pieces and the waist tie belt (which was optional) but Mr D was having a play with me and gave me an idea which worked! Well done Mr D! I also wanted to add a couple of inches extra length to the body pieces which meant factoring that in on the layout.

On day 1 of sewing I made the belt, attached the three skirt pieces together and made the top, minus the sleeves. Look at that pattern matching on the top!

The next night I started by hemming the skirt which I thought was going to be a big job but was actually relatively quick and easy. Then I started on the sleeves - a job I HATE. I stitched the length of the arm and put in the double lines of ease stitch then I started to set them in. I haven't done very well at this in the past and usually say the puckering is a 'design feature'! But I watched a tutorial on how to do it so tried my best to be patient and use ALL THE PINS!!! The finished sleeves weren't half bad! The first was better than second but there was some slight rippling which I think will iron out. On the whole, I was pleased with my patient efforts!

I left the hemming of the sleeves until I could try it on to gauge how long I wanted them. Then all that was left was to attach the top to the skirt and make the casing for the elastic waist. And done... almost!

I tried it on and, if I'm honest, I wasn't sure wether I liked it or not. I love the fabric and really wanted to make something I would wear a lot but the top didn't sit right and it was bugging me. I think this is just because I don't have the bust to fill it out. I decided I would have to tack the cross over together so that it didn't expose me! But that would have to wait until the next day because I was shattered and needed to go to bed.

So all that was needed the next day was to tack the front together, tack the interfacing to the shoulder seams, hem the sleeves and sew the waist elastic together. Then done... properly done!

Here is the finished dress.