My 2017 makes - January to June

Since I started this blog in May I thought I'd make a list of all the things I've made in the first six months of the year... in chronological order - with many dodgy photos!

It started off with the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dungaree dress in the long version with two pockets at the hip. This was in a navy denim from Barrys (which they gave for £7 for 1.3m because it was the last of the bolt) with sparkly blue buttons and mint green top stitching. I started this on New Year Eve because I'm so rock 'n roll! I was given the pattern for Christmas so it was obvious that I was gonna have a go asap! \

Then I made the Tilly and The Buttons Arielle skirt in the short version which I bought when I was at the Coco workshop back in 2015 but had never gotten around to making. This was made up in a stretch denim with a slight silver sparkle to it and was green on one side and black on the other. I decided on the green and added black buttons. It's a smidge on the snug side and still needs hemming! But I totally love this pattern, and it was soooooo easy to make.

I'd used the Simplicity 8014 pattern before but this time I went for the straight shirt dress version with optional belt. The fabric is from Barrys (again!) and was about £5 pm. It was a fairly simple make, just a tad time consuming because of the pockets, collar and cuffs, but otherwise It fits great and I'd happily make another. I love tartan!
This is a bit of a weird photo - hubby was taking it and acting all Austin Powers in fashion photographer mode and making me giggle!

Then I made another Cleo dress after I found a length of cloth at a craft market which was going for £1!!! I couldn't believe my luck! It is blue on one side and a sort of pale blue/grey on the other with a gold shimmer to it. Therefor the top stitching is in yellow with navy buttons and I've done one big pocket on the top front and two on the butt cheeks!

Aldi had a craft event on and sold some fat quarter packs for £3.99 so I got a lovely bright pink & turquoise set. I had no specific plans for it but then I saw a tutorial for an infinity scarf in my magazine so ran it up one morning while hubby took the kids out. This colourway is so me!

This is my maternity top!!! It's actually the Simplicity 8052 but I think I made it a bit big and could quite happily be 9 months pregnant in this! I still love it and think the panelling makes for a unique design but the fabric, a pale blue cotton (possibly 100%) from Lichfield Market for £2.99 pm, is A DEVIL to iron. I have learnt that I need to attack it as soon as it comes out of the washing machine if I have any hope of getting the creases out. It's great for layering, though, and works well with a scarf. I'd happily make this again but chop a good inch off all the seams.

After successfully completing my personal 'no sugar lent' challenge I treated myself to two new patterns - the Style Arc Blaire top or dress and the Sew Me Something Julia Pocket top. I decided on making Julia first as it looked quicker! I bought some cream textured fabric from Lichfield Market and made it with the cowl neck option. It didn't take long to put together, only one evening, I think. It's very comfy and I look forward to living in it next winter. Only problem: children and light colours don't mix!!!

The Aldi fat quarter remnants came out again when I decided to make a little fabric basket for the living room, and fortunately the colours matched my wall paint perfectly! Its a pattern I saw on Pinterest from the Birch Organic Fabric website which provides a really easy to follow tutorial. I used a really stiff iron on interfacing which I think helps it keep its shape.

Next I made the Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress from Love at First Stitch in more Ikea curtain fabric! I'd spotted this and fell in love with the striking floral print and it was only £4 pm. This time, however, the stiff fabric was perfect for this structured fit. I seem to have a massive red flower on my tummy!

Making the Julia top was so easy that I couldn't wait to make another! I got some light weight jersey from Lichfield Market for £3.99 pm and made it up one Sunday. I must admit, in my haste to get it done (and maybe a little over confident) I forgot to stitch the stay tape on to the shoulders. I'm not sure how much it affects the top at the mo... we'll see. This time I did the thin collar option and, since I have plenty of fabric left, I'm thinking of making up a matching scarf.

Towards the end of May we had a three day heat wave and I was reminded how useless I am in anything over 22 degrees. I hate the idea of kicking my legs out from under the duvet in the middle of the night and exposing my bum - I mean, what if a burglar gets in??? So I decided to knock these Margot pj bottoms up (from Tillys Love at First Stitch) one Thursday morning for wear that evening. They are made of a cheap cotton from Barrys which I bought for another top but decided against. They're comfy and do the job... that being, cover my bum!

Next I made the Butterick 6178 and then the Style Arc Blaire top which I've already posted about separately.

So that's the catch up done. From now on I'll mostly be posting as I make so each will have an individual post.