My 2019 Re-SEW-lutions!

Happy New Year fellow and non-sewists alike!

So here are my plans for 2019. I've done my #makenine slightly differently this year, so let me explain!

Basically I wanted to challenge myself and, at the same time, not commit to particular patterns since I found from last year that I get distracted by new pattern releases and that my plans can change throughout the year. There is a mix of firm plans and some more open because while I want to challenge myself I also want to slow down while doing that.

Here they are...

  1. Trousers were on last years plans but I never got around to it (or you could say I wimped out!), so they're back at the top of this years list! I have had the pattern, denim and notions for a pair of Closet Case Morgan jeans since July and this year... THEY WILL BE MADE!!! I need to take my time with these and make a toile to get the fit right, then I'll be off!

  2. Next up is my plan to make more for other people (hence this photo of my dads Christmas jumper). What this will entail I don't know, but my wardrobe can't cope with much more!!!

  3. I want to finish my WIPs! This is my pile of about 8 unfinished garments along with a few others that need mending or tweaking. So in my attempts to slow down I will concentrate on getting this pile reduced.

  4. I want to learn how to use Roxy! I've had her a year now and I don't think I use her to the best of her ability - she's basically a fancy hanger - so my plan is to research how to do that and practise with a fitted style garment.

  5. FREE SPACE!!! This is because I thought there would be an outfit, accessory or something that I would come up with in the year that could slot in to the plans nicely! Otherwise the pattern companies are always coming out with new patterns that I want and this will give me an excuse to buy one!!!

  6. I want to use my stash (this photo represents a small selection of it!) and try not to buy more fabric! I mean, who am I kidding??!! But I will try not to impulse buy and have a plan before I purchase.
    ...let's see how long that lasts!

  7. I want to make a summer dressing gown. I have no particular pattern in mind, although I've seen this one online and quite like it. I have the Sew Over It Kimono which I could use by lengthening and adding a sash. We'll see...

  8. I want to make a proper coat, something substantial and lined. Again, something to challenge me. I haven't got a particular pattern in mind. I've seen a couple, including this Closet Case one, but I need to give this some more thought. It probably won't be made until next winter anyway.

  9. And last but not least, I want to crochet more. I'd love to make a throw for the living room using one of Rebeccas Stylings celtic patterns, they are just gorgeous.

Beyond this list I need to keep up with the blog posts a bit more, there are so many makes from 2018 that haven't been uploaded yet. I also want to experiment with some hacks and have a few ideas regarding this. I see more Kielo dresses in my near future! And I also need to have a clear out of my wardrobe to make space for more makes, including getting rid of me mades that I don't wear but find it hard to say goodbye to.

So that's it! See you in a year to see how I got on.