New Look 6936

A.K.A. the Aztec dress!

This was one of my make nine plans for 2018 and with this lovely weather we've been having I thought I should make it sooner rather than later.

Lets first address the woman on the front of the pattern envelope... just what is exactly up with that stance??? And the fabric??? Crikey! This is my problem with the 'big 4' patterns, the styling can sometimes be really off and as someone who finds it difficult to visualise a pattern in a particular fabric it can sometimes put me off. That said, I'd like to recreate option E on the cover as I like the idea of animal print!

I bought my fabric from Lichfield market for £3.99 a metre and, for some reason, I felt like I shouldn't like the pattern but I did. It's a medium weight knit and isn't see through and since I was eager to make up this pattern I thought it would be fine.

This is such an easy and quick project. The fiddliest bit is the ribbon casings on the shoulders but once that is done it comes together quickly.

I did my best to match the patterns along the skirt sides but didn't have enough fabric to match along the bodice side seams, but this doesn't bother me too much. This is the skirt laid out on the ironing board.

It's a really comfy dress and might be one for the 'secret pyjamas' catagory! And despite being a knit it's really quite cool.

This was made during Me Made May and worn on day 14! The cross-over on the front fits fine for the most part but sometimes can be a bit risky so I think I'll pop a stitch in to hold it together and next time I'll try the round neck version.