Making plans - nine makes for 2018!

It took a while to whittle down but here are my nine planned makes for 2018! I think there is a bit of variety there and, of course, there will be others that I haven't included here. For example, I REALLY want a new GBSB Drapey Dress! But I want to try my hand at some new projects, and here I have included a coat, a jumper and - oh my goodness - trousers!

These are in no particular order so lets start with ...

Sew House Seven: Burnside Bibs

This, along with the sweater pattern at the end, was sent to me by The Pattern Pages as a competition prize. I had seen this featured in magazines and loved the style of the back. Sew House Seven is a small indy company with only a few patterns but they're all pretty great and I expect the others I won will be made up soon as well. I don't have any fabric in mind for this and I'm not sure it will be the first pattern I make but I can't wait to give this one a go.

New Look 6453

I bought this pattern a while ago and can't believe I haven't already made it up. I love the floaty style and think this will be nice for the summer so I'll probably make this one up in a few months time.

Cotton & Chalk: Zara Dress

This one came free with a magazine and I love the navy version in the middle with the cowl neck so that's what I'll make, again, probably nearer the summer.

New Look 6217

This is the trouser pattern I decided to make because it is a simple slim leg design with a side zip. I know I said in a post last year that I was going to challenge myself and make some trousers - since I'd never made any - before the year was out, but I just didn't get around to it with all the gifts I was making and the party frock. So this is the year! You heard it here first, folks!

Sew Over It: Ella Blouse

I adore this pattern although I must admit that I'm a bit nervous how it will suit my shape, but I'm giving it a go anyhow. I bought it in the New Year sale on Sew Over It website in the PDF version so it was reduced to £5 which I didn't think was too bad. Also in the sale were a few fabrics at 50% off so I bought 2m of patterned viscose for this top. I am so excited to give this a go that I wouldn't be surprised if was first up but I'm still waiting for the fabric to arrive!

New Look 6416

However, I should probably make this coat before the weather gets warmer (who am I kidding??!!). I can't decide between versions B or D, and I think it will definitely be in a plainer fabric.

Simply Sewing: Adele dress

This was another freebie in a magazine and I fell in love straight away. I think it is a shape that will really suit me and I have had the fabric all ready for this for a while now which means it will probably be somewhere near the top of the list.

New Look 6936

Again, I've had this pattern for a while and tried to make it last Autumn, I even bought some fabric online from Minerva Crafts but when it arrived it wasn't at all what I thought so it ended up as something else. So I'm going to try again with this one in time for summer. I really like the animal print of version E and I want to recreate that somehow.

Sew House Seven: Toaster Sweater

I think the two different fits on this are lovely and I want to make version 2 probably in a plain fabric like the photo. Again, I should probably make this while it's still cool enough but it may end up being left until the autumn... we'll see!

So there you go. How many will I ACTUALLY manage to do??!! Who knows?! But I'll do a review at the end of the year! I best get myself off to Barrys...