Roo Art Pouch

Anyone else addicted to quick and easy little projects like me? You know, the tote bags or zip up make-up bags or pencil cases... those kinds of things? Well one day when scrolling through Facebook I saw a post in the Fold Line group about the Roo Art Pouch by Elaine's Sweet Life and something inside me was immediately smitten! It seemed such a clever design and looked quite funky so I bought the pattern straight away!

Turns out, this isn't quite as quick and wasy as I'd originally thought! You can make it using a couple of zips and two fat quarters... however... you also need some foam interfacing which is a speciality product, often used in bag making, that I didn't have in so I had to wait until I could source some from eBay and patiently wait for it to arrive.

The whole thing took me two solid hours of sewing one evening and it is quite an enjoyable process once you get stuck in. The inside zipped pocket seems a little pointless because it's so shallow but it's a lovely touch and useful if you need to keep a small item separate from the main bag.

I found the 1/4 inch seam allowance a challenge, especially when it came to the final steps of sewing up the ends. I didn't do this very well and my box came out a little squashed. I don't mind though, I still love the shape and, more importantly, the way it opens up as a tray is not affected.

The instructions are comprehensive and take you through the whole process with ease. I now have a pile of about 10 cut out as gifts for people! This is me getting ahead on making Christmas gifts! Wish me luck!