Selfless Sewing Month

This was a challenge started by Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It; a chance to give our wardrobes a break and to make for other people during April. I've recently been forced to have a mini clear out to make space for all my new makes so I thought this wasn't a bad idea.

I had plans to make something for my son and daughter and also finally get around to making a new bean bag cover which has been on the list for over a year now, but I started with the Simplicity 1379 pattern for my little girl.

This was bought for the babe a while ago along with a couple of others. I gave her the choice of a few patterns that I already had the fabric for and she chose this one! I cut a size 4 in the hope it might fit this summer and next. It wasn't the quickest make, and I don't like sewing with such small pieces of fabric! I gave her the choice of buttons and, of course, she went for sparkly pink hearts!

I made a new crochet hook roll which I guess was a selfish make but, quite frankly, it was a NECESSITY! My old one was driving me crazy and I really enjoyed making this out of scraps of fat quarters.

I also started some items which are destined to be Christmas gifts, but obviously I can't show any photos here!

I finished the month by making a bean bag which had been on the list for a while. I used spare fabric from when I shortened the living room curtains so they matched. Exciting photo, huh??!!

Unfortunately I didn't get much else done! I made the mistake of getting sidetracked with plans for myself quite early on in the month when I saw a few free patterns and decided to have a little downloading session. From possibly about 20 free patterns I now have plans for at least half of them and I just couldn't focus on anything else! Oops!

I hate to admit it but this was really hard and I was ITCHING to get back to making for me! It's not that I dislike making things for other people, I just wasn't inspired this month. I do have some selfless plans for the future though, so maybe after I've scratched that itch I'll feel better about it!