Sew Crafty Design Team - project 1

A couple of months ago Sew Crafty out out a call on Instagram for new members to join their design team. I applied and, hey presto, I made it! I'm one of 16 sewists who make projects using supplies kindly gifted from the Sew Crafty shop in return for a blog post. I submitted my first post (this one) at the beginning of June and now that it has gone live on their site I can add it to mine! So here goes....

Last year we decorated our daughters bedroom, mostly because we were forced to since she’d already started peeling the wallpaper off the walls around her cot! So we carried on, stripped the walls and painted the whole room white. She already had some decorations in the room which were blue and pink, and I figured at some point we’d paint a wall one of these colours but she would choose which (spoiler alert - she's leaning towards pink!). A few months ago she got her ‘big girl’ bed which is a mid sleeper which helps to make the most of the space in her very tiny room. But since then I’ve been wondering how I can add to the existing decorations by sewing a few items of storage. I’ve been collecting ideas on my Pinterest board for a while and chose to make some fabric trays, storage pods and some bunting to decorate under her bed. From the Sew Crafty website I chose three colours of their star cotton to make these items. The colours are fantastic and being 100% cotton they iron and cut beautifully.

For the fabric trays I cut two A4 pieces for each tray and lined them with batting to give more structure. I’ve made them quite deep so her hair accessories and jewellery are easily stored.

The storage pods were made from a tutorial I found on Sewing 4 Free. and were very easy to put together. I like the way they are easy to access for her toys but I think they could be bigger. I might make some more but double the size, but these are perfect for things like her small collections of lego.

I drafted a small triangle template for the bunting, cut 14 pairs and, once sewn, attached these together with 3m of 25mm pink bias binding from the site. I think these might be my favourite, they’re so striking, and who doesn't love a bit of bunting, right?!

The space underneath her bed is really coming together now and when her bedroom is tidy it's a nice space to be in. I'd like to get her a small desk and chair to go under there but I think that will come when we sort out the rest of her bedroom furniture. For now, she's happy with it!