Sew House Seven Toaster

As you may know from previous posts, this is a pattern that I won last year and I've been wanting to make it ever since. It's the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweaters and it's been on my make nine list for 2018 and now that the weather is getting cooler it's the perfect time to try it out.

The pattern has two options. Number 1 is a raglan sleeve, polo neck with bands at the cuffs and hem. Option two is a traditional sleeve with a loose two tier (is that what it's called???) hem and a small, self-faced turtle neck. I chose to make this one and it was a simple make with only 3 pattern pieces and I liked the looser hem.

I bought a dark grey ponte from Barrys last weekend for £4.95 p/m. According to the pattern I needed 1.7m but once I got it home and laid the pattern pieces out I found I could have gotten away with about 40cms less! So I have a nice chunk left that I could make something for the kids with.

The top was very simple to put together but first I had to create the facing for the neckline. Now then.... in hindsight I might have done this differently but since it was my first attempt with this pattern I decided to follow the instructions which told me to do a 'double stitch' for the neckline. To do this you sew a line of straight stitch along the seam line then a small zig zag 1/4" inside that (so between the seam line and the edge) which would apparently allow for the fabric to stretch. I wasn't sure about this but I went along with it. Then I had to clip the seam and iron the seam allowances open but because there were two lines of stitching it wouldn't sit flat. The facing is turned to the inside and the top turned right sides out so the facing can be sewn to the top by stitching in the ditch. But because the two layers wouldn't sit flat I don't think I made a very good job of this. As I said, in hindsight I would do this section very differently. (Does any of this make sense???)

Anyhoo, the rest of it is very normal construction wise. The sleeves are attached and the side seams sewn up from cuff to hem, leaving a space fro a side slit. The back hangs slightly lower than the front and it suggests a mitred corner for these edges which is very satisfying to do! I sewed the hem down using a twin needle and I really like the look of it.

The top is really comfy and despite being a boring colour with no pattern (!!!) I think it will go with a lot in my wardrobe.