Sew, what's this blog lark all about???

See what I did there??!! Gotta love a pun! Hence the title of the blog... it's my lifes work to come up with puns and alliterations for everything I do!

OK, so I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram mostly for keeping my mum up to date of what's happening in our household. But of late I've been posting pics of my makes. Not because I want praise (in fact I don't take compliments well) but because I'm proud of what I've done and want to share my achievements. I impress even myself sometimes!!! I also want to acknowledge those who inspire me and maybe even inspire others. I trawl Pinterest for hours looking at the lovely things other people have made, sometimes using peoples patterns and other times just getting ideas. I only wish I had the time to make all the things on my Pinterest boards...

I've also been reading some blogs. Lara Thornberry makes her entire wardrobe from what I can gather and blogs everything she makes. She is very honest about her shape and the alterations she has to make for items to fit her properly. I also read a blog about a young woman who was assaulted in her own home by a group of men. She threw out her entire wardrobe and remade it herself as a way of reclaiming power over her body. She is incredible and I find it all totally fascinating to see how different people use sewing/arts/craft to enhance their lives.

So I thought I would give it a go. You can either read my posts... or not. I don't mind! I'm just enjoying the process of research, plan, make, and post! This is not a place for contemplating the meaning of life, more like drooling over pretty fabric and pictures of me looking awkward in a new frock!

A x