SOI Heather Dress aka the paint splat dress


And so does my boy, obviously!

O...M...G... I can't tell you how much I love the colours, it makes me so happy! I was searching through the fabric stall on Lichfield market with a friend when she spotted this and we were both immediately drawn to it. We ended up buying two metres each without actually knowing what we were buying it for! I think she ended up making a bomber jacket - a very good idea for this quilted fabric - and I jumped from pattern to pattern before finally deciding on the So Over It Heather dress.

This was a pdf pattern that I got for free for joining their pdf club. I thought it looked like something I would regularly wear. But I had to print it out and stick it together first!

I tried to take care in choosing my size based on the finished measurements and cut out the pattern grading up a size at the hip. The pattern has a front and back piece then side panels for either side, the front ones forming the pockets. It has a neck band and different sleeve lengths.

The pattern was easy to put together but the fabric caused me some problems. Normally I wouldn't bother finishing the edge of a knit fabric because it doesn't fray so there is no real need. But since this fabric is two layers encasing a thin layer of wadding (or something similar), I thought it might be an idea. The problem was than once I had finished the edges with a zig zag stitch they had a wave to them and didn't lay flat. So I thought I'd give top stitching a go to force it down. This worked ok but I was then left with the situation of either unpicking the top stitching or finishing all the seams this way. This wasn't part of the pattern but after deciding to top stitch all the seams like this I thought it looked good and gave it an added feature.

The rest of the construction was simple enough and, in the end, it was quite a quick make. I'm even getting quite good at neckbands!

This maybe wasn't the most appropriate fabric to use for the pattern but I will still enjoy wearing it. Next time I make the pattern I think I'll take the hip seams in a bit, but apart from that I think it fits quite nice. It's comfortable and, because of the quilted fabric, warm! This dress makes me smile!