Style Arc Daphne

I'm so excited to post this as I've made it from start to finish in one day!

This pattern was on my wish list for a while and this Christmas my sister gave it to me. I've only made one Style Arc pattern before, the Blaire shirt, and that didn't go too well, but this looked like a simple enough pattern and a style that I'd wear a lot.

I knew I had to find some fabric to make it ASAP! And yesterday, when we were in Ikea (yes Ikea!), I saw some lovely cotton at only £3 per metre so I thought what the heck! It would constantly need ironing but I've made so many other items that always need ironing so I can just add it to the pile!

This morning I carefully cut out the pattern pieces paying particular attention to the placement of the pattern (crikey, there are a lot of 'p's in that sentence!). There are only 4 pieces - a front, back, neck binding and hem binding. The first thing to do was pin and sew the tucks. There are two on the back and 4 on the front. Then sew the front to back at the shoulders. Then I had to sew the neck binding into a circle then iron it in half and pin it to the neckline.

Those eagle eyed of you will notice what I did wrong here! I pinned it - and more crucially SEWED it to the WRONG side of the fabric rather than the RIGHT side! I had been a bit too enthusiastic and not paid enough attention. But at this point I wasn't too keen to unpick it in case it ruined the fabric so I decided to turn it to the outside and sew it down just like it should have been done to the inside. And I can honestly say it's my favourite part of the garment! I totally love the neckline, it lays so flat and looks beautifully neat!

So then I sewed up the sides from hem to sleeve. Then I finished the sleeve with a zig zag stitch and turned in the hem by 1cm.

Then the only remaining task was to finish the bottom hem just like the neckline, only this time I did it the proper way as described in the instructions! Adding the binding to the hem gives it a very structured line. It sits beautifully and the tucks add some interest to what is otherwise a very simple design.

And here it is! I know I've got no head, but this was a bad hair and no makeup day so I thought I'd save you the horror!

Certainly not perfect; it maybe could have been made in a fabric with a little more drape but a great 'one day wonder'! This was such a quick make; very satisfying and great for the summer in this cheap, 100% cotton from Ikea! I think I can safely say this pattern is my last make for 2017 but I can see many more to come in 2018!

Happy New Year! x