TATB Freya hack

The Freya top is the third project in the new Tilly and the Buttons book Stretch!. The top has a turtle neck and long sleeves but can be hacked with different sleeve lengths, different necklines, ruffles or be made into a dress.

The first one I made was a dress for my mum with long sleeves and the cowl neck hack. It was such a quick so which - for me - made it really enjoyable!

I loved the cowl neck so much that I decided I needed one for myself but this time I attached a gathered skirt to the top at waist level. This was just a rectangle which I thought would be easy to add but I put a long running stitch through the top to gather then attach but while I was doing that I realised that it wouldn't stretch in order to get it over my head so I ended up sewing a line of elastic around it before sewing to the top.

Again, it was a really quick sew, once I got the method right! I think I'll be making a few of these!