TATB Joni Dress

At first glance I wasn't sure about this dress because it looked a little too close fitting for me, but after a while it grew on me and thought I'd to give it a go - along with everything else in the book!

It's the final pattern in Tilly and the Buttons new book Stretch! and only comes with sleeve variations on the pattern. Fabric choice, however, can make the world of difference and I've seen many different versions of the Joni on Instagram that prove it can be worn as a casual day dress or a smart evening/party dress.

The pattern consists of a front bodice, back bodice sleeve and skirt so is a really quick one to cut out. The fabric is a lycra jersey from Barrys which I think might have been £6 pm. I also had to go out and source some Fabrilastic - a stretchy elastic strip which is sewn into the bottom seam allowance of the front and back bodice to allow it to stretch and go back into shape.

First of all you start by making that interesting twist at the front by twisting one side of the front bodice piece over twice then folding the left over the right RST and stitching from the bottom up to the twist. Make sense? Good!

Then you attach the back to the front at the shoulders and make a binding for the neckline which gets turned to the inside and top stitched.

Then you add the sleeves and it looks something like the photo below. I can honestly say I didn't plan for the pattern to turn out like this but I love it! I did try to consider the pattern when I was cutting it out but I didn't know what the result would be.

Then it's a case of adding the skirt and you're done! I must admit, I didn't hem it because the fabric didn't need it. I just love how it drapes and it's sooooo comfy!

Please forgive my attempt at looking whistfully into the distance in these photos!

I have a sneaky feeling this may be my Christmas party dress this year!