The babes crochet blanket

After decorating my daughters room I decided I needed to make her something to go with the new colours. We painted her room white and bought new curtains that she could grow up with, just some lovely flowers on a white background from Dunelm. Other colour accents in the room were pink and turquoise.

So I bought 2 balls each of seven different colours of 'matching' wool - Stylecraft Aran - from the Love Knitting website which is wonderfully soft, and delved into my crochet Pinterest board for a pattern. I found this textured shell pattern from My Picot which I thought was quite striking and would work well with the colours.

I started working through the pattern with a trial length and quickly got very confused with the written instructions. They weren't bad instructions but I decided it would be easier to understand if I drew them out as a diagram. I also realised I needed a bigger hook size so went up from a 4 to a 5.

Before I could get stuck in I needed to decide how to arrange the colours. Each row of different colour is made up of four rows of crochet pattern. It took me an evening to make 2 coloured rows (so 8 pattern rows) as the width of the blanket was so long - 98 sc if I remember correctly.

I made good progress in the first couple of days and then the heat wave struck! Making a blanket in 30 degree heat - even in the evening - is not fun, so the project got left for a while.

From then on I just needed to plough on going row by row until I had either run out of wool or decided it was long enough. I managed to pick up a bit of pace as I learnt the pattern and didn't need to keep referring to my diagram. Once the blanket got to the point where it was over my knees and down to my ankles while I was working on it I decided that was probably long enough - for a child anyway!

One of my least favourite parts of crocheting a blanket is sewing in the ends... and there were a lot on this! But it actually wasn't too bad in the end. And I had a happy little pile of colourful ends to show for it!

Then I needed to decide how to edge it. I could leave it like it was as it had a nice shape but it looked unfinished.

I went back to Pinterest and had a look at different edges. I tried a bobble edge but it just didn't work well so I decided on a simple picot edge that would finish it nicely but not distract from the strong bold pattern of the blanket.

In hindsight, I think I could have gone up another hook size or two. This would have given me a looser, more open texture with more drapyness. I like that the blanket is heavy and close knit, though, as it will lay nicely on her bed and keep her snuggly warm in the winter! And although I like the colours I think I will always wonder if I should have built some white in somewhere, like the curtains.

Even the back looks good!
The babe couldn't resist getting in on the photo action!
She seems happy with her new blanket!