New Look 6416

This coat was one of my make nine plans for 2018. I was initially going to leave it until the autumn but when I saw this fabric on Lichfield Market I decided I'd give a summer jacket a go.

I decided on view B which is a mid length coat, with pockets and a belt which I probably wouldn't use but would be a nice feature.

I bought 2 metres of fabric but fortunately there was only about 50cm left on the bolt so the chap on the market gave the extra to me for free which meant I could get the longer length pattern out of the fabric. I'd have had to go for the shorter length otherwise.

There aren't many pieces and it's fairly simple to construct. Below shows the front panels pinned to the back at the shoulder. This is a little complicated as it's got a sharp point.

This shows how I managed to sew one correctly but the other puckered a little. I'm not bothered about this as most people won't see it.

The waterfall neckline hangs really nicely in this fabric.

I decided on pockets and did a little bit of fancy stitching on the top, not that you'd really notice since it's in a very similar cotton colour, but I know it's there!

The belt loops were easy to make but bulky to sew on.

I think the coat is a bit big, but the sizing was difficult to gauge as it's a wrap over style coat. And I think I put the belt loops too low, but, as I said, I'm not planning on using the belt anyway. Overall I'm happy with it and I think it will get a lot of use over the summer. Here's a few awkward photos of me posing and attempting to smile! Taken by my budding photographer of a son!

I've now done four of my 9 plans and have the fabric for another so I must get on with it!

Laters! x