World Book Day costume 2018

Well, 1st March came around again very quickly! I'm sure it was only last week that I was making a pelican for last years The Giraffe, Pelly & Me costume... but no, so here we go again.
This year he was determined to go as a giraffe. Maybe because we were talking about last years costume or maybe because I mentioned Giraffes Can't Dance...
So off I go trawling through hundreds of Pinterest photos for an 'easy' giraffe costume. Then, with some ideas in my head, I make him come shopping with me for supplies!

We soon find a yellow kids t-shirt for £3 and a brown jumper for £1 in a charity shop. The plan is to cut up the brown jumper and make giraffe-like patterns on the yellow t-shirt.

So I set him up with a pair of scissors and he had fun hacking into the jumper!

I started placing the pieces on to the front of the t-shirt but quickly realised that it would be difficult to sew them on in it's current state...

So I chopped the t-shirt in half up the side seams.

This worked a lot better in the long run. I pinned all the pieces on the front, back and sleeves then set about sewing. This part took a good two and a half hours.
Once that was done I re-stitched the side seams and the t-shirt was finished.
Then I started the ears and horns. These were made up of left over scraps of jumper and some old yellow knit I had in my stash. I drafted the shapes on paper and cut them out of the fabric. I wasn't really paying too much attention to this part but I think it worked out ok in the end.
Some hand stitching was required to attach them to the headband but that didn't take too long.
The tail was made by sewing a tube of material and attaching the pull cord from around the hood to the bottom to give it some movement.

And here he is! My gorgeous Gerald! (From Giraffes Can't Dance!)

Complete with tail!

And ears!